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Oct 22, 2021

I’ve seen several requests for guidance about working with clients who have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) lately. This genetic connective tissue disease creates symptoms that look like ordinary musculoskeletal injuries, but they’re not—this is why some doctors call people with EDS their “zebra patients”—as...

Oct 15, 2021

A client has a history of two heart attacks and a kidney transplant. There’s no way they can safely receive massage, right?


Maybe not.


Join us for a short exploration of the miracles of kidney transplant surgery, the pathophysiology of heart attacks, and the surprising number of options this massage therapist has...

Oct 8, 2021

A client has a panoply of health challenges, but the main one for right now is mast cell activation syndrome. Her whole body is primed to have an allergic reaction—to lotion, to smells, maybe even to touch. Is it possible to create a safe way for her to receive massage?


Image of...

Oct 1, 2021

A massage therapist notices some changes in the texture of their client’s tissues. When they ask about it, the client replies, “Oh! Those are my pellets!”


It turns out he has had testosterone pellets inserted into the tissues of his hip. What kinds of massage therapy accommodations are necessary in this...

Sep 24, 2021

A client has a skin-picking disorder, and they want to receive massage. Is this really a good idea? How can we make sure they’re safe?




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