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Aug 29, 2023

Over the years, Taylor Symone has used three loans from DreamSpring to grow her business, including buying more inventory as her business’s popularity took off. What was the experience like?


In this episode of The ABMP Podcast, Kristin and Darren are joined by Metta Smith, chief lending and client...

Aug 25, 2023

A client has an undiagnosed situation with the skin over their glute, and to the massage therapist it looks suspiciously like ringworm.

What is ringworm? How do we get rid of it? And what is the risk to the massage therapist in this situation?

Listen to this episode of I Have a Client Who… as Ruth Werner talks...

Aug 22, 2023

How do we balance emotional energy as practitioners? And if we lose it, how do we get it back? In this episode of The ABMP Podcast, Kristin and Darren are joined by Diane Matkowski to discuss how to find the positive and overlook the negative, how to check in with yourself pre- and post-session, and when to...

Aug 18, 2023

Communication is everything. In this episode of Business or Pressure, host Allissa Haines demonstrates how to give the “right” massage to every client at every visit.


Allissa Haines is a practicing massage therapist and business owner and columnist for Massage & Bodywork magazine. You can find her building a...

Aug 17, 2023

There are those that influence and those that are influenced. And in the body, muscles fall into the same predicament. In this episode of The Rebel MT, Allison uncovers the splenius capitis and splenius cervicis, discusses which muscles influence them, and explores ways to help them be their own muscles.