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Jul 28, 2023

A potential client—we don’t know how old, or how healthy—has sickle cell disease (SCD). There’s very limited information about safe massage therapy in this context. What’s an MT to do?

One option is to reach out to an expert and hope you’ll get a quick but thorough response—if you get one at all. Another...

Jul 27, 2023

What if aliens really did pay us a visit? And what if the reality of their existence were to change everything we know about anatomy? In this episode of The Rebel MT, Allison explores the quadriceps muscle and flips things upside down to get a new perspective. It also might change how you work on the quads. 


Jul 25, 2023

The key to pain-free activity is to assess the pain mechanism and employ a matched approach. In this episode of The ABMP Podcast, Kristin and Darren are joined by Dr. Stuart McGill to discuss how he made the switch from lab scientist to clinician, his approach to identifying back pain, thoughts on “non-specific”...

Jul 21, 2023

Should you see every client or just the clients seeking a specialty? In this episode of Business or Pressure, host Allissa Haines walks you through the merits of having a general massage practice or choosing a specialty.


Allissa Haines is a practicing massage therapist and business owner and columnist for...

Jul 18, 2023

In this episode of The ABMP Podcast, Kristin and Darren are joined by the Rebel MT herself, Allison Denney, to discuss why it’s OK to not know everything, when to use protocols and when to think outside the box, and how grounded confidence will help your practice and yourself.

Allison Denney is a certified...