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May 28, 2021

A client who has never had massage before calls to make an appointment. He has a history of “grand mal” seizures. What does the massage therapist need to know to be safe with this client? We go through a short list of important questions.




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May 27, 2021

Is it the devil? Or is it the solution to so many questions that are buried in all those details? In this episode, Allison ponders the bedeviled details of the trapezius muscle, the beauty of the nuchal ligament, and the bravery of Michelangelo.




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May 25, 2021

What’s it like being an intuitive? Do we all possess these abilities? “It’s a matter of tuning in and paying attention,” guest Cyndi Dale says. Dale, the author of more than 20 books on energy work, empathy, and clairvoyance, joins the podcast to talk about discovering her gifts, countering skeptics, the four...

May 21, 2021

An obese client wants help with low-back pain, but she can’t take deep pressure. What to do?

Ruth might get a little strident in this discussion of weight, health, judgmental language, and hands-on options.




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May 18, 2021

This dynamic duo are the perfect pair to speak to successful business partnerships, as they celebrate six years of working together. Allissa and Michael tell us why they created Massage Business Blueprint and how their skill sets complement one another. We also dive into the pros and cons of partnerships, what it’s...