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Aug 28, 2020

A man has a stroke at age 35. He fully recovers, but is put on a lifelong prescription of anticoagulants. What is going on, and will he ever be able to receive the deep massage he wants?  

In this episode of “I Have a Client Who …” we look at a common anomaly called patent foramen ovale. We discuss its connection to cryptogenic stroke (and we even dive into migraine for a hot second). Finally, we talk about some variables that inform the safety of massage therapy for clients taking anticoagulant drugs. 




YouTube animation of PFO repair 


YouTube animation of PFO repair 


From the Cardiovascular Research Foundation: Complete PFO Closure May be Key for Migraine Reduction 


From the American Headache Society: PFO Closure for Migraine Prevention 


From StrokeFrequency of Patent Foramen Ovale and Migraine in Patients with Cryptogenic Stroke 

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