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Mar 25, 2022

What happens when your stomach pushes up into the mediastinum and compresses your lungs—and maybe even your heart? This common condition starts as a simple sliding of the esophagus but can progress to be life-threatening.




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Ruth Werner is a former massage therapist, a writer, and an NCBTMB-approved continuing education provider. She wrote A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology, now in its seventh edition, which is used in massage schools worldwide. Werner is also a long-time Massage & Bodywork columnist, most notably of the Pathology Perspectives column. Werner is also ABMP’s partner on Pocket Pathology, a web-based app and quick reference program that puts key information for nearly 200 common pathologies at your fingertips. Werner’s books are available at And more information about her is available at                  


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