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Feb 22, 2022

Can you be a leader and a healer at the same time? In this episode of The ABMP Podcast, Darren sits down with courage-builder and collaborative change-maker Amy Andrews McMaster to discuss the Great Resignation—or better put, the Great Realignment—the characteristics of a leader, the saboteurs that get in the way of our success, and frameworks for navigating your call to courage.


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Amy is a courage-builder and collaborative change-maker with over 20 years of experience in education, leadership development, workshop facilitation, and executive coaching. As the founder of Conscious Time, she helps individuals and teams transform obstacles and up-level skills so they are ready for tough conversations and meaningful contribution.

Humor, passion, and science are key elements of her interactive workshops and transformational coaching conversations. She has been consulting since 2011 and has worked with organizations across a variety of industries, such as Whole Foods Market, FirstBank, University of Denver, JP Morgan Chase, DIRECTV, Amazon, and several school districts and government entities.

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Anatomy Trains is a global leader in online anatomy education and also provides in-classroom certification programs for structural integration in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan, and China, as well as fresh-tissue cadaver dissection labs and weekend courses. The work of Anatomy Trains originated with founder Tom Myers, who mapped the human body into 13 myofascial meridians in his original book, currently in its fourth edition and translated into 12 languages. The principles of Anatomy Trains are used by osteopaths, physical therapists, bodyworkers, massage therapists, personal trainers, yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonics, and other body-minded manual therapists and movement professionals. Anatomy Trains inspires these practitioners to work with holistic anatomy in treating system-wide patterns to provide improved client outcomes in terms of structure and function.    












Universal Companies has everything the spa professional needs for success, including massage tables and accessories, linens, tools, pain relief products like arnica, and a range of lotions, oils, and gels. The products we offer help the independent practitioner save on their everyday expenses, as well as provide the convenience of shopping across broad categories.

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Beyond our extensive selection of spa products, equipment, and tools, we have an education and marketing site for our customers to develop their skills and promote their business. The UCo Learning Network offers CEU courses, marketing kits, and business tools.


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About Handspring Publishing

Handspring Publishing specializes in professional-level books for massage therapists, osteopaths, yoga and Pilates teachers, physiotherapists, and other professionals who use touch or movement to help patients achieve wellness. Handspring Publishing’s books are written and produced to serve the professional and educational needs of health and medical professionals, musculoskeletal therapists, and movement teachers.


Its list includes bestsellers like Hydrotherapy for Bodyworkers: Improving Outcomes with Water Therapies, Second Edition, Hands in Health Care, Second Edition, Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy: Third Edition, Fascia: What It Is and Why It Matters, and the recently published Thai Massage Dissected, Head and Heart: Yoga Therapy and Art Therapy Interventions, and Zero Balancing: Conscious Touch and Transformation.


Handspring’s books combine attractive and accessible presentations with an evidence-based approach to writing, including referencing the latest research findings. Authors are drawn from the ranks of highly respected teachers and experts in their area of specialization including Ann Baldwin, Ellen G. Horovitz, Martha Eddy, Shakti Smith, James McCormick, Chris Frederick, Ann Frederick, David Lesondak, Bill Harvey, Janet Penny, Rebecca Sturgeon, Natasha De Grunwald, Til Luchau, Robert Schleip, Graham Scarr, Gayle MacDonald, Carolyn Tague, and others. ABMP members save 20% off regular list prices.


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