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Oct 20, 2020

Allissa Haines and Michael Reynolds join the podcast to discuss the wake-up call that the pandemic served. COVID magnified what MTs were doing well or poorly pre-shutdowns. Did you have your earnings in order? Did you reach out and get the resources that were available? Did you treat your business like a business? Find your weaknesses and hone them in preparation for 2021 and beyond.



This episode is sponsored by Anatomy Trains


Guest Bios:

Allissa Haines and Michael Reynolds make up the wonder duo behind Massage Business Blueprint. Allissa is a practicing massage therapist of 15 years and self-described Director of Shenanigans at Massage Business Blueprint. Michael is a former massage therapist, financial advisor and tech entrepreneur, and self-described Director of Nerdy Things at Massage Business Blueprint. Both happen to be authors for Massage & Bodywork magazine and are columnists of the Blueprint for Success column. For more info about them, please visit Massage Business Blueprint. For more info about their year-long financial series, click here. Find their wonderful article “Financially Surviving COVID-19” that was featured in the Special Issue of Massage & Bodywork.


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